European auto repair service

Are you looking for a car mechanic to service your European vehicle? European imports require a special set of skills, the right tools, and expert knowledge that differ from domestic vehicle services.

At CFM NAPA Autopro, our technicians are certified and trained to repair and maintain your European car.

Our European auto care includes:

      • Trained European Car Specialists
      • Pick up & Delivery Service
      • 2 Year Or 40,000km Warranty
      • Specialized Diagnostics
      • Digital Inspection
      • European oil specifications used

European Car Repair From Trained Specialists


When it comes to your luxury European vehicle, hiring an auto shop that is only trained in handling domestic vehicles is not enough.

European auto care should always be in the hands of a car mechanic that is well-versed in all of the issues that can arise with European car makes and models. This ensures that your vehicle is taken care of properly, which can have a significant impact on its lifespan.

A Shop That Is Knowledgable About European Cars


Your luxury vehicle deserves special treatment when it comes time for repair and general maintenance. At CFM NAPA Autopro, our team is equipped with the right equipment and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to identify and prevent issues.

We are just as skilled to provide European auto repair and service as that of big-brand dealerships. We believe in our workmanship and back our services with a 2-year or 40,000km warranty (whichever comes first).

Why CFM NAPA Autopro For Your European Auto Care?


Transparent Communication

One of the driving forces behind our company is to bring the auto service industry to a trustworthy state. We weren’t happy with the inconsistent communication and poor workmanship that some auto companies operate with. This is why at CFM NAPA Autopro, you can trust us to always be up-front and honest with our customers.

No Pressure Sales

We give our customers the time to make decisions on our service recommendations and will never pressure you to make a financial decision that you’re not ready for. Our customers are treated with respect and our suggestions are always backed up with photos and videos.

Hassle-Free European Car Service

Our main priority is to make sure that you and your passengers are safe on the road. With our hassle-free promise, we offer pick up and delivery of your vehicle, perform a digital inspection, and send the report directly to your phone with all of the details. This minimizes downtime and gets your car back up and running safely.

We offer our same great service, fine-tuned for your specific vehicle.